Thursday, 11 February 2010

Dazed Digital | Inside Art | Lucy Williams

You can watch the Lucy Williams Video Interview by Freire Barnes on Dazed Digital by clicking here. Film by Roland de Villiers
Lucy Williams revitalises utopian modernist architecture into beautifully vibrant collaged-relief’s. Using a combination of media: hand coloured card, Perspex, pillow stuffing, and embroidery, she’s able to create uncanny optical illusions. Architecture that would normally be populated with many people; stations, public swimming pool, Petrol garages, homes, lighting shop are all desolate, echoing the black and white photographic documentation from which she works yet surprisingly they are never devoid of human presence. Williams’ meticulous process may lend the answer here as her mathematical precision is paramount with each scalpel score and individually cut leaf breathing life into the geometric linear buildings. The Modernist line is set against nature of hand-woven skies of blue and grey hues and lush forest foliage, this dichotomy is mirrored in Williams’ homage to the modernist movement as she dissects and remoulds it to her own measurements.