Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Helena Blomqvist - Bon 45

A woman surrounded by ravens, sky-scapes filled with imminent doom, a boy solider astride a Lama are what you can expect from Swedish artist, Helena Blomqvist. Reliant on allegorical components, Blomqvist’s creates a dystopic world using collage, props, painting and needlework for her human and animal characters to play out their darkly fated existence in her filmic photographs.

For her two forthcoming solo exhibitions in Stockholm and Berlin this autumn she will unveil her new series The Last Golden Frog. Fairytalesque landscapes awash in saturated colour are the backdrop for an unlikely main lead, that of Monkeys. Adding her distinctive surreal touch a sense of disaster and loss resonate.

The Last Golden Frog at Angelika Knäpper Gallery, Stockholm until 28 September 2008 then at Galerie Wagner + Partner, Berlin 11 October Р29 November