Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Sprout from White Nights - Bon 45

Excerpt from article written for Swedish edition of Bon Magazine in July 2008.

For a few weeks in June during the Summer Solstice a natural phenomenon takes place when sunsets are late, sunrises are early and night never sets in. Taking this as a metaphorical source of inspiration from which creativities grows, this autumn Bonniers Kuntshall presents Sprout from White Nights, a perspective on contemporary Chinese art.

Displaying the work of 17 artists based in the economically expanding cities of Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou, the exhibition reflects a transitional China juxtaposing the traditional with an emerging new culture. There will be a large artificial indoor garden from Yangjiang Group, photographs by Cao Fei that are based on popular and youth culture and an open dialogue from Xu Tan on the different perspectives of today’s China.

Sprout from White Nights at Bonniers Konsthall 17 September – 21 December 2008