Thursday, 19 August 2010

Within - Bon 47

What can a photograph say about someone? Portraits no longer hold the same resonance they once did, so how do we read a portrait in the 21st Century? Within, a Bloomberg SPACE curated exhibition will present newly commissioned photographic portraits by four artists. All working in different styles, their approach and method will produce diverse interpretations of the modern day portrait.

A highly commercial finish yet with still contemplation, Poppy de Vileneuve’s images draw your attention to the ‘individual’ of sextuplets siblings. In contrast there’s the snapshot experience with a heavier socio-political undertone to Muzi Quawson’s photographs. Intrigued by alienation and what defines American society, her intimate approach to family members from Western Georgia will no doubt have her signature warm toned 70’s filmic romanticism shadowed by a gritty reality.

Exploring collective behaviour and connotations, Roderick Buchanan has produced a series of head and shoulder photographs of a Scottish loyalist flute band. With Sarah Jones's portraits you are struck by a confusing narrative, as she openly invites you in to witness a more disturbing milieu as a lone women sits uncomfortably on the edge of a bed. Jones’ portraits give the viewer a false sense of security in their paradox of allowing you to see but then to not see at the same time and all through the most perfect saturation of colour and composition of lense. This is Photography at it’s best.

Within: New Photographic Portraits at Bloomberg SPACE 12 December 2008 – 7 February 2009
Images Muzi Quawson