Monday, 30 July 2012

Esther Teichmann | Aseop Publication

I recently met with artist Esther Teichmann to talk about her work for Aesop's online publication. Read the entire article at Aesop Publication and watch her exquisite film, In Search Of Lightning below.

Extract: Interested in the slippage between autobiography and fiction, Esther Teichmann explores her intrigue of, ‘how we write our pasts’ in her hauntingly beautiful photographs. ‘All my bodies of work stem from autobiographical experiences reworked and restaged into fictional and fantastical narratives.’ In melancholic hues, the essence of desire and loss is explored through capturing partially clothed figures set against bedroom interiors or unworldly landscapes, ‘all the spaces have the magical feeling of the tents children build, light filtering through coloured blankets transforming reality.’