Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Michael Landy Interview | Time Out

For the past three years, Michael Landy, known for destroying all his worldly possessions in 2001, has immersed himself as the National Gallery’s artist in residence. Admittedly an unusual choice, the Goldsmiths-trained artist found enlightenment in the Renaissance galleries where he became captivated by the depictions of saints. Facinated by their faith, determination and gruesome deaths, Landy has made beautifully detailed collages and engaging, spectacularly fun kinetic sculptures that animate this often reserved collection.

Had the National Gallery collection been an inspiration before the residency? ‘I’d like to say it was but it wasn’t. I didn’t come here when I was a Goldsmiths student, so it wasn’t until the residency. Suddenly I was faced with the thought of getting to know the collection and making an exhibition for 2013. But actually........

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Image: Michael Landy, installation view of 'Saints Alive', 2013 at the National Gallery, London.