Monday, 24 June 2013

James Franco Interview | Time Out London | June 2013

He acts, directs, writes and makes art. Is there anything James Franco can’t do? Freire Barnes caught up with Franco on the eve of his first UK exhibition, 'Psycho Nacirema' at Pace Gallery. 

Your exhibition is presented by Turner Prize-winning artist Douglas Gordon. What was his involvement? 
‘We had previously collaborated on a project and we liked the idea that he would help curate and produce this show. I discussed all the pieces with Douglas as I made them. You could say that the subject was partially inspired by one of Douglas’s most famous pieces "24-hour Psycho".’ 

The exhibition’s title is a play on words, can you explain it? 
‘Basically it’s "Psycho American", but American is spelt backwards. The title comes from many places. I like to incorporate the work of other people who inspire me. So in that way I’m the American, and "Psycho" comes from Douglas, comes from Hitchcock, comes from even Gus van Sant’s ‘Psycho’. Later I was told there is some sort of anthropological study of Americans called "Nacirema".’ 

Previous work has also dealt with iconic films, why did you choose ‘Psycho’ as the basis for an art installation? 
‘There are so many themes and approaches in the film. There’s role playing...

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Image: © James Franco, courtesy Pace Gallery London.