Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Jane and Louise Wilson Interview | Time Out

I spoke to the Turner Prize-nominated siblings about their recent work 'False Positives and False Negatives', in which the twins camouflage their faces to confuse CCTV technology and visiting Chernobyl for their haunting series of photographs, 'Atomgrad'. 

Why have you turned the lens on yourselves? 
Jane: 'The gift of us being twins was too good to pass up. Especially as the "False Positives and False Negatives" portraits are about identity.' 
Louise: 'We've used paint to scramble facial recognition software.' 

Move over, David Bowie... 
Louise: 'It's not quite "Aladdin Sane." It's totally military. If you go back to the First World War, they started painting planes with dazzle camouflage.' 
Jane: 'It's a nod to that idea - it's designed to confuse biometric readings of the face.'

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